We proudly announce the International Berlin Conference on “Filtration by Textile Media”. Conference topics will cover general filtration mechanisms and filtration media on the first day (14th May 2013); the second day (15th May 2013) distinguishes gas filtration from liquid/liquid and solid-liquid filtration.

The conference will bring together filtration experts from the industry and academia. Lectures with high level of novelty and expertise will stimulate an excellent atmosphere for interaction and discussion of actual questions and their possible answers. The lectures will simultaneously be translated from English and German vice versa.

The choice of Berlin as conference site is taking over the symbol of bridging America and Europe, being the gate between East and West and, Berlin is a melt pot of cultures and businesses all over the earth. Seminaris Campus Hotel Berlin, the “Dahlem Cube” of Helmut Jahn, is a modern conference site with accommodation and excellent connection to public transport. And it is a good starting point for your trip to culture, museum and amazing natural surroundings of Berlin right before or after the Conference on “Filtration by Textile Media”.

Its Topics include:

  • Filter Media and Filter Media Testing
  • Pretreatment
  • Pressure Filtration
  • Novel Separation Strategies and Devices
  • Data Collection & Analyzing
  • Gas Filtration
  • Emission Control
  • Gas-Solid Separation
  • Membrane Applications
  • Solid & Liquid Separation / Centrifugation
  • 3 Phase Separation
  • Water Treatment
  • Membrane Separation
  • Membrane Bioreactor
  • Hygienic Design and Cleaning in Place
  • Oil/Water Separation

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